Industrial Buildings.

Aggressive conditions demand sensitive treatment.

Once finished, industrial structures must prove themselves capable of withstanding decades of heavy use. Breakdowns and damages are issues of top financial and political importance. 

In the execution of such building projects, the choice of load-bearing structure and process take on a particularly sensitive importance in view of the demands imposed by special challenges such as usage, dynamic loads, aggressive environmental conditions and statutory regulations. 

Yet the economical realisation of the structure in all given conditions remains a central imperative.

Safety first.

Lighting Towers

B6 road - north/west intersection

Originell kurze, einzeilige Überschrift.

Airbus Halle 210


Ort des Bauwerks

Where the deliveries are made.

Delivery Centre

Extension of Airbus-House 100/110

Hamburg Finkenwerder

Heating for the city.

District Heating Tunnel

Deformation due to shield tunnelling

Hamburg-Moorburg to Altona


Ships in the air.

Ship lift

Repair and overhaul


Berths for giants.

Harbour Expansion

New Building of Berths

Hamburg Altenwerder

International connections.

Beluga Halls

Airbus halls 82, 83 and hall 401

Hamburg and Bremen

Where vibrating giants are tested.

SKF Test Centre

for large bearing test stations


Big shelter for big birds.

A380 Flightline-Hangar

Airbus Halls 213 and 214


Keeping the shipping traffic safe.

Hetlingen Radar Station

New operations building


Europe’s most modern locomotive factory.

Vossloh Locomotives

Manufacturing halls


New air cargo centre for the north.


Hamburg Airport Cargo Center


Large buildings for delicate instruments.

Olympus Winter & Ibe

Expansion of factory premises


If it doesn’t fit it will be made to fit.

A320 Manufacturing Hall

Rebuilding of Hall 213 and 214


Fresh beer from Hamburg-Harburg.

New build, Carlsberg Brewery

Production Halls


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