Delivery Centre

Extension of Airbus-House 100/110

Hamburg Finkenwerder

  • Client:
    AIRBUS Operations GmbH
  • Architect: abj Architekten - Bauingenieure, Hamburg
  • Extension of houses 100 + 110, representative canopy entrance, large overhang
  • Vibration analysis, conversions, pile foundation
  • GFA:
    2,000 m² (new entrance and extension of house 100),
    320 m² (extension of charter building)
  • Time: 2016 - 2017
    Building costs: 2.8 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Where the deliveries are made.

Aircraft production for the A320 in Hamburg is increasing from year to year. A multiplicity of planning and construction works at the factory site in Finkenwerder are equipping the location for the ambitious production targets of the future. And naturally the reception building of the delivery centre for the new aeroplanes must match these ambitions.

But how? That could be one’s first question when first seeing the new reception building.

This is how! Through intensive planning. A thoroughgoing analysis of the natural frequencies and vibrations of the filigree steel lattice framework construction and consistent weight reduction in the structure, e.g. with the use of hollow core slabs, led to the desired result. The two new conference rooms on the first floor appear to float almost weightlessly 11 metres over the access road leading to House 100. The massive 10 metre high reinforced concrete walls of the foyer offer a sharp contrast to the light steel construction of the first storey and are also – along with a robust pile foundation – a solid basis for the new section of the building. 

With the erection of this representative reception building, Airbus displays to its customers from throughout the world an impressive manifesto of its capacity to produce exceptional solutions and its willingness – together with us planners – to push the technical possibilities to their limits.

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