A320 Manufacturing Hall

Rebuilding of Hall 213 and 214


  • Client:
    Airbus Operations GmbH
  • Architect:
    Reinhard Hagemann GmbH
  • Installation of production line for A320 aircraft in existing hall
  • Conversion and extention
  • New basement floor below existing sole using mining techniques
  • Span: 100 m
    Height: up to 36 m
  • Hall space: 17,500 m²
    Office space: 3,700 m²
  • Time: 2017 - 2018
  • Building costs: c. 12 mill. Euro
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

If it doesn’t fit it will be made to fit.

The demands of aerospace companies are evolving still further. Therefore a lot of building is going on at the Airbus site in Hamburg. Capacity is now being expanded to cater for the manufacture of aircraft belonging to the A320 family with the addition of a fourth production line.

This is under construction in Hall 213/214, which was newly built just a few years ago. The structure must now be adapted to meet completely new requirements. Originally, two separate A380 assembly berths were accommodated here. This is now being converted – in an area of some 13,000 m² – into one continuous production line for A320 aircraft. For this purpose, two wide openings with dimensions of up to c. 8 m x 14 m were broken into the over 30 m high and 80 m long firewall – a central structural element of the hall. In addition, mining techniques were used to create new equipment rooms under the sole, which also had to be connected by creating further openings in the sole. There will also be two new delivery buildings in steelwork construction. And the adjacent office building in masonry construction will be extended with two extra storeys.

As to be expected for an international corporation, the planning tasks were also distributed around the world. Thus for example, the systems engineering was planned in the USA. In this exciting environment, intensive coordination was necessary with all those involved to ensure compatibility between the various planning philosophies and to bring them to a successful conclusion. Finally we succeeded in handing over to Airbus a structural planning that made it possible for the fourth production line in Hamburg to start up on time.

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Airbus Halls 213 and 214


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