Aviation Buildings.

Building for the aircraft industry.

The dream of flying is as old as mankind. At the end of the 19th century, flight for humans became a reality. And today, life without it can hardly be imagined.

Aircraft building continues to develop at racing speed. The focus is on safety and economic viability.

And the same applies to the structures which – while firmly anchored to the ground – in inseparable partnership with the machines in the air make today’s flight operations possible.

New air cargo centre for the north.


Hamburg Airport Cargo Center


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Kurzbezeichnung Projekt


Ort des Bauwerks


Wide bridges in the air.

Dual boarding bridges

Passenger bridges

Hamburg Airport

Rolling home, dear land, to thee.

Taxiway Bridges

North-West Runway

Frankfurt Airport

Originell kurze, einzeilige Überschrift.

Airbus Halle 210


Ort des Bauwerks

Where the deliveries are made.

Delivery Centre

Extension of Airbus-House 100/110

Hamburg Finkenwerder

Originelle, kurze, einzeilige Überschrift.

PTS Werkstatt


Frankfurt am Main

Far more than a station roof.

Intercity Train Station

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt am Main

When there’s a fire on the airport apron…

Fire Station Extension



If it doesn’t fit it will be made to fit.

A320 Manufacturing Hall

Rebuilding of Hall 213 and 214


International connections.

Beluga Halls

Airbus halls 82, 83 and hall 401

Hamburg and Bremen

Park and Fly.

Car Park P1



Big shelter for big birds.

A380 Flightline-Hangar

Airbus Halls 213 and 214


Easy to see through.

Glass Hall

Long Distance Train Station

Frankfurt Airport

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