Who we are.

To find fair solutions.

We are about 100 qualified and highly motivated structural and civil engineers and are fully aware that the structural designs of today’s buildings demand increasingly more sensitive solutions. In civil engineering too, it happens again and again that out-of-the-ordinary design ideas are requested.

At times external circumstances can, however, become too complex for words. On the one hand, there is the client with his justified requirements, followed by the architect on the other hand, with his outstanding planning and design concepts. And right at the end, there is nature, apparently not taking any consideration whatsoever and opposing any type of building work. 

This is the challenge that engineers are confronted with and will have to find a fair solution for.

Structural Engineers – Yesterday and Today.

Yesterday we were structural engineers. 

Structural engineers were good at calculating. They possessed solid technical knowledge. They knew the building regulations. They could work well with computer programmes. 

They had a responsible job.

All this is still true. But if this were all our work comprised it would be much too boring.

And we would certainly not be involved with the really interesting construction projects.

We are today’s structural engineers.

Structural engineering today means dialogue. Dialogue between engineers. Dialogue with building owners and architects, with geotechnical experts and building services engineers, with officials and construction managers. Listening. Communicating. Thinking. Looking beyond the horizon.

Structural engineering today means creativity. Breaking away from conventional ideas. Thinking laterally. Having ideas. Rejecting ideas. Always looking for new solutions.

Structural engineering today is hard work. Again and again confronting new demands. Accepting challenges. Taking responsibility. Making decisions. 

And again and again – learning afresh.

Structural engineering today is fun.

When we finally manage to bring the architect’s audacious design concept into line with the building owner’s budget.

Or when an appropriate solution can be found for the building pit and foundations despite highly adverse site conditions. 

Or when a brilliant and complex design can be implemented with an economical construction process...

For us, working as structural and civil engineers is more than just a job.

Construction with Passion: Civil Engineering Works.

With civil engineering works, as engineers we also undertake the project planning.

Here, the planning engineer is called upon to draw on his knowledge, experience and creativity in a very special way.

Civil engineering structures are technical structures. They are defined primarily by efficiency and economy. When combined with an elegant appearance they become civil engineering works of art.

We know that elegant civil engineering structures are created when the generally accepted rules of technology are observed and when the structure is rooted in the conditions of its local environment.

In keywords.

  • Structural and Civil Engineering ∙ Project Planning for Civil Engineering Works ∙ Consulting Engineers ∙ State Certified Reviewers (Prüfingenieure für Bautechnik) ∙ More than 100 Engineers
  • Construction Consulting, Planning, Drawings ∙ Design, Building Permission Application, Execution Drawings ∙ Auditable Static Calculations and Structural Analysis ∙ Peer Review, Building Site Inspections
  • New Buildings, Reconstructions, Conversions ∙ Public and Private Clients ∙ Architecturally Ambitious Buildings ∙ Building Pits, Bridges, Tunnels, Quay Walls
  • Certified Test Engineers for Massive and Metal Structures ∙ EBA (Federal Railway Office) Inspectors and Test engineers for Railway Constructions ∙ Welding Engineering Specialists ∙ Energy Efficiency Experts

Solid foundations and supporting pillars are indespensable.

What holds a company together? What makes it successful? Some say it is the entrepreneur. Others think it is the availability of knowledge. Yet others might believe it is the finances. As far as the Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies is concerned, it is all of these together. 

But the real backbone of the company is the support, dependability and commitment of every single employee. Ultimately it's all about the team.

In our company, engineers with experience gained from many successfully mastered challenges combine with young engineers with outstanding qualifications to form a powerful team, always ready to turn in an astounding performance.

On solid ground.

The INGENIEURBÜRO DR. BINNEWIES builds on Dr.-Ing. Binnewies’ professional experience of more than 50 years, representing more than five decades of progress in structural engineering and also an awful lot of time to increase the knowledge.

The management team of Ingenieurbüro Dr. Binnewies includes