ABC 21

Office Building


  • Client:
    Hochtief Projektentwicklung
  • Architects: Frick Krüger Nusser Plan 2, München / GRS Reimer, Hamburg
  • Reinforced concrete framed structure, white tank construction
  • GFA: 15.000 m²
    38 car parking spaces
  • Time: 2007 - 2008
    Building costs: c. 15 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering, planning of building pit

Built in alphabetical order.

The first recorded mention of ABC Straße dates back to 1620, making it even older than the more famous Jungfernstieg or Gänsemarkt.

The street’s name comes from the fact that the individual houses on the street were originally designated with letters in alphabetical order. But today the houses are also numbered, as in the case of "ABC 21".

An ambitiously-designed office building with ultramodern fittings in a prime downtown location, it provides efficient office space behind facades that are flooded with light and with external shading from the sun. Commercial space for shops and restaurants is provided on the ground floor.

A structural challenge, successfully mastered: the building pit, foundation and basement floors had to be built directly adjacent to existing buildings and tightly-knit pipeline routes in such a way as to take full advantage of the site.

"ABC 21" an old address shines with new splendour.

With a view of the Outer Alster.

Alsterufer Eins (bis 3)

Office and Commercial Building


An artistic insertion.

Office Building Heuberg

Heuberg 1 / Hohe Bleichen 8


Coffee or Velvet?

CR 16

Residential and office building