VR Bank Itzehoe

Office and commercial building


  • Client: Volksbank Raiffeisenbank eG Itzehoe
  • Architect:
    GRS Reimer Architekten
  • 2 stages of construction
    I. Breite Straße 13-17:
    - 4 upper floors, 1 basement
    II. Berliner Platz 2a:
    - 3 upper floors, 1 basement
  • GFA:
    1,670 m² (Breite Straße 13–17)
    1,050 m² (Berliner Platz 2a)
  • Time: 2017 - 2018
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Clearing the way for something new.

"Wir machen den Weg frei": The well-known slogan of Volksbank Raiffeisenbank means "we clear the way" in English. It could hardly be more appropriate in this case. Right in the heart of the town of Itzehoe, old buildings dating from between the turn of the century and the 1980s will be cleared and renewed in two stages.

In the first stage the existing buildings at Breite Straße 13-17 will be demolished and replaced by a new structure. Particular challenges are high groundwater levels and an open building pit directly adjacent to the neighbouring buildings.

In the second stage the main Volksbank Raiffeisenbank building at Breite Straße 9 will be given a general overhaul and extended with an annex. Especially these extensive interventions in the existing construction required an understanding of engineering. Suitable technical solutions had to be found to implement the ambitious architecture.

When completed, all these efforts will no longer be visible in the finished structures. Itzehoe can enjoy a new building that contributes to its attractive townscape. And the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank can offer its customers and staff a new and modern environment.

A new sales arena on an old foundation.

Gerhofstraße 10 - 12

Office and commercial building


An artistic insertion.

Office Building Heuberg

Heuberg 1 / Hohe Bleichen 8


Something new on a historic site.

Kontorhaus Handelsreich

Office Building Hopfenmarkt 33