Height 1 - Remediation

Former SPIEGEL building


  • Client:
    HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH
  • Architect:
    Winking · Froh Architekten BDA
  • Former SPIEGEL building
    • Built in 1969
    • Architect: Werner Kallmorgen
    • 13 upper floors
  • Reconstruction and upgrading of the existing structure
  • High architectural requirements
  • Listed building
  • Repair of damaged concrete
  • Pile foundation of the existing building
  • GFA: c. 11,500 m²
  • Time: 2016 - 2017
  • Building costs: c. 15 mill. EUR
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Architectural history with the news.

When property is marketed, striking names need to be found. Today the buildings on the so-called SPIEGEL-Insel (SPIEGEL Island) bear the very modern names Height 1 to Height 5.

For decades, news stories were written here. And contemporary history was also made. Until 2011 the two high-rise buildings Height 1 and Height 2 by architect Werner Kallmorgen and dating from the late 1960s, regarded today as important works of architecture, were the home of SPIEGEL-Verlag. But when the news magazine publisher moved to a new and larger building, the two architectural monuments on SPIEGEL Island needed a refit to make them fit for the future and for a new use. Specifically this meant complete gutting, remediation with due regard to their historical significance, and renovation.

At the same time – based on an urban development competition and the financing agreements arising from it – the investor was also in a position to develop additional parts of the site for new buildings.

The interventions in the load-bearing structure of the old publishing house Height 1 mainly involved rebuilding work for the renewal of lifts and building service facilities as well as concrete remediation work. But history had also left its mark on the structure of the building. During its period of occupancy by SPIEGEL, a multiplicity of architectural alterations had been made. Much of this only became visible during the demolition work and led to unforeseen planning requirements. During the building phase a large number of on-site meetings were necessary to find the right technical solution for every problem at short notice.

And it was also possible to find a new use for the legendary blue-tiled swimming pool in the basement, subsequently installed in 1968 at the special request of SPIEGEL’s staff.

Australian dreaming.

Adina Apartment Hotel

Height 3 – Former SPIEGEL-Insel


New facade – new name.

Kallmorgen Tower

Height 2 – former IBM building


Openness and communication.

SPIEGEL Headquarter

Office Building at Ericusspitze

Hamburg HafenCity