Dual boarding bridges

Passenger bridges

Hamburg Airport

  • Client:
    Flughafen Hamburg GmbH
  • Architect: 
    IDEA-Architekten, Hamburg
  • Modular steel construction
  • Shallow foundation
  • Connection to existing buildings
  • Framework construction with a span of 18.5 metres
  • Building costs: ca. 5.5 mill. EUR
  • Time: 2016 - 2017
  • Our scope:
    structural engineering

Wide bridges in the air.

Dear passenger, please prepare for rapid embarkation! This is what the announcements at the South Pier at Hamburg Airport will sound like in future. Because here - at parking positions 6 and 7 - new passenger boarding bridges have been constructed that are especially designed for large Boeing B777 and Airbus A380 aircraft. These bridges are more than twice as wide as their predecessors.

At parking position 7 there is also an additional bridge giving simultaneous access to the upper decks of large aircraft. Thus a total of nearly 850 passengers can board or disembark from the large aircraft in the shortest possible time.

The structure is built in modular form. It consists of lattice frameworks with a span of up to 18.5 metres and light staircase constructions with screw connections, allowing rapid on-site assembly.

The bridges cross both the so-called apron border road and the direct approach zone to the aircraft. This is where the airport’s internal vehicular traffic operates. But the passengers see little of this. They can simply and easily board and leave the aircraft via the boarding bridges.

Where the deliveries are made.

Delivery Centre

Extension of Airbus-House 100/110

Hamburg Finkenwerder

Park and Fly.

Car Park P1



One hall for three planes.

Hangar 7

Hall for 3 wide-body aircraft