Marquard & Bahls

Company Head Offices

Hamburg HafenCity

  • Client:
    Marquard & Bahls AG
  • Architects: Gewers-Pudewill GPAI GmbH Berlin
  • Waterfront development, flood protection
  • Complex building pit structure, pile foundation
  • Steel composite bridge structure with height of 3 storeys
  • GFA: c. 27,000 m²
  • Time: 2014 - 2016
  • Building costs: c. 50 mill. EUR
  • Our score:
    structural engineering, planning of building pit

The cog sets sail on the bank of the Elbe.

The global company Marquard & Bahls has moved into its new corporate headquarters in the HafenCity. The structure, with very special and high-quality interior furnishings, its own company restaurant and its own kindergarten, has received the HafenCity’s highest sustainability certification for outstanding ecological quality.

The eight-storey building, clad with high-quality and sound brickwork, independent of its clear and precise external form only hints at the special individual constructional features in the interior.

The constructional highlights include in particular the c. 41 metre wide tensioned load-bearing bridge structure above the “city balcony”, the support-free foyer with its internal footbridge connection and the recessed penthouse level. The photos of the various building phases clearly show the play of forces and the heavy loads at work here.

But now, all the efforts and special technical demands of the planning and execution are no longer visible, either for the 1,000 staff on the office storeys and in the three shops on the ground floor, or for their visitors and customers.

And that is just how it should be, in line with the corporate philosophy of Marquard und Bahls: sound, independent and individual.

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